Tips for making your Weebly site more visible in searches

If you googled yourself right now, the chances that your newly created Weebly teacher site shows up are slim.  Since this is the most likely way that students and parents will find your website, it’s important to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  If your website is the top hit in a Google search – that is a good place to be. There are a few simple things you can do on Weebly to improve this.  It may take a little while for search engines to map your site, but over time your position will improve.

Weebly SEO

To do this, go to the Settings tab on Weebly and select SEO:

– In the site description area, briefly explain your site.  This is what will appear under the link to your site in a Google search.

– The keywords section is very important.  For this, think of anything related to your site that people may use in a search.  Your name, school, subjects taught, and pages on your site (like Homework) are excellent keywords to include.  Just separate each keyword or phrase with a comma.  You can do this for individual pages on your site by going to Pages–>Your Page–>Advanced, but it is most important to do it for the whole site first (via the Settings Tab).

– Weebly gives pretty good site stats, but if you want more, add a Google Analytics code to to the footer (for more information, see this video).

– Updating your site regularly keeps the little bots combing the Internet happy and increases SEO

– Get your own domain name through Weebly or another service. You can do this (for a fee) through Weebly in a few simple steps.  It gives your site more legitimacy since you won’t be using a weebly sub-domain and makes it easier for people to remember your web url.

– Outside of Weebly there are some more things you can do: Add a link to your site in your social media profiles; Encourage friends and colleagues to put a link to your site on theirs (offer to do the same); Share your website with others.  The more places your site is linked, the higher you’ll rise in search results.



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