Epically Awesome Google Hangout

Today was the last day with my EDU 601 class at Creighton University.  Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Google Apps for Education Summit in Lincoln, NE.  While I’ve still got a few things cued up for the wonderful men and women of EDU 601 while I’m away, we wrapped up class today with an epically awesome experimental project.



We experimented with Google Hangouts several times this summer.  Some of our experiments were more successful than others.  We started with having a class completely online after the 4th of July holiday and it was a bomb.  I realized that if you record an On Air Hangout, you need to make sure you know what screen is being recorded.  Instead of recording my screen (as I’d wanted to do) it recorded one of the students’ screens because I forgot to mark which screen was being recorded.  Though the lesson was a bomb, I learned a lot about Hangouts in the process.


The following week we worked out the kinks and welcomed @BarbInNebraska as a guest  speaker in a Hangout that was very successful – the only problem was that I forgot to turn the Broadcast on once we started so it didn’t get recorded.  Today, we decided to deviate from the standard business and and have a little fun.  We started a Hangout and choreographed it to ABBA’s “Take a Chance On Me”.


Since I didn’t want to violate copyright (we just had our lesson on it yesterday) we turned off all the microphones so we didn’t record the song while it played.  If you’d like to see what it looked like, you can watch the video below and play the Grooveshark with it.



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