NETA, Biz Markie, and teeball

Today was a good day. While it was a bit of an adventure keeping track of 7 student helpers in a sea of over 2000 people at the NETA conference , things turned out great. Our presentation went very well and the students did an amazing job. That, however, was not the best part of the day.

The best part of the day came about 12:45 as the students and I returned from a lunch trip to Buffalo Wild Wings. While I quietly worried about the possibility that the internet might not work for our presentation – the students filled the van with a post wing-fest gas attack. The laughter and “aroma” continued to rise and crescendoed at a stop light. In the brief lull before the light turned green, Biz Markie popped on the radio. It didn’t take long for the infectious hook to grab everyone in the van. As we rolled down Q Street singing at the top of our longs, I couldn’t help but smile broadly. I knew, at that point, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. The entire wireless network could have exploded and our netbooks gone with it – we were going to be fine. In that van, were 7 young men and a teacher who were just having fun.

When we arrived back at the convention site, the internet was working perfect and moving much faster than the morning. Best of all, the gas attacks seemed to have subsided. We got everything set up without any major catastrophes and proceeded with out presentation. The name of the presentation was “Super Brickiness: Leveraging 1:1 environments for everyday tasks.” As we presented, I went with the teeball approach. I tried to keep my contributions short, then set up the students to knock it out of the park. They executed brilliantly…

For more information on our presentation, go to


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