Old Site, New Trick: Part 2

Crocodoc was released earlier this year and I didn’t give it much consideration.  After all, I’m a Google Docs junkie and didn’t need an app to help me collaborate on documents with my students.   This summer though, while teaching EDU 601, I realized that I probably needed to provide the student/teachers with some options beyond google docs for document collaboration.  Most schools don’t have google apps, though several states have signed on to use it, and other “collaboration” methods are clunky at best (emailing word docs back and forth, submitting to Angel or Blackboard – yikes).

New Features

Crocodoc, luckily, provides a great alternative for schools without Google Docs.  If you’ve never used Crocodoc, it’s very simple – just upload any word, powerpoint, or pdf and share the link with whomever you want to collaborate.  When it first came out, the layout of it made things a little messy when too many users commented.  It also wasn’t as easy to share as it could have been.  I returned to the site in mid-July to find some significant improvements that makes it much more ‘multi-user’ friendly.  The comments have been re-structured so that they all fit into a sidebar (just like the new version of google docs).  You can also add drawings or annotations anywhere on a document.  Best of all you can embed any crocodoc as an editable document or a read-only document.

Educational Applications

For those without Google Docs, Crocodoc is an excellent alternative to emailing Word documents back and forth.  A student can upload a document and share the url with the teacher and/or anyone else with whom they need to collaborate.   It’s also a great way to share things with people who don’t have (or know nothing about) Google Docs.  The interface is very simple and self-explanatory.  I used it in my summer class to get comments on a student use policy that the previous year’s class had created.  See the document below and leave a comment on it if something strikes you. (you will need to click through to see it).


One thought on “Old Site, New Trick: Part 2

  1. Crocodoc is such a handy tool, particularly for those without access to Google docs! Great write up on it!

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