Old site, new tricks: Part 1

Over the course of the summer, I’ve noticed some new features on sites here and there.  Usually, other people write about these new features before I catch them, but I haven’t seen much about some of these so I thought I’d share.

The first new trick comes from Diigo.  If you’ve never used it, Diigo allows you to bookmark, tag, highlight pieces of text, or annotate webpages.  All your highlights and annotations are stored on a single page or you can revisit the original page to review your highlights.  You can share all these highlights and annotations, set up groups, and/or get your whole class signed up with the education edition.  I’ve written about how I use it with students here and here.

Image from diigo.com

Image from diigo.com

Earlier this summer (it wasn’t there in late May) Diigo added a feature that allows you to capture individual images or a specific area (screenshot) of a webpage, then draw or annotate on it.  It stores all these images in your account for access from anywhere.  I’ve found this feature to be extremely helpful when making tutorials for various things.  Before, I would manually take screenshots (Command+Shift+4 on a mac) and then add arrows and explanations to the images on a PowerPoint or Google Doc.    Now, I just click on the pictures, add an arrow or two, make my annotations, and I’m done. All the tools for this reside in your Firefox or Chrome toolbar.


Sample Tutorial (made with Diigo Screenshots)


One thought on “Old site, new tricks: Part 1

  1. Hey, good news! I was able to get into my Diigo account. I guess BarbInNebraska was me. I made it in November of 2009. I just added the Diigo add-on to my Chrome browser.

    Also, Mary Our Queen parish is having a computer recycling fair tomorrow and Saturday. It sounds like a great fund raiser. Here is the info.


    I’m curious to see how much money they raise. We will have to find out at the next OPUG meeting.

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