A faux pas?

A wave a paranoia swept over me yesterday in regards to my post about my visit to a 1:1 school.  My visit was very positive and I tried to convey that in my post.  Nevertheless,  I suddenly worried that some of my thoughts might be mis-construed or maybe I hadn’t portrayed things as accurately as possible.  In the midst of my paranoia, I asked my wife to read it and tell me what she thought.  She’d already heard all about my visit, but I knew she’d give me honest feedback on the post.  Her response: “I don’t think anything was negative, but you kind of sound like a know-it-all.”  Yikes.

I did my best to paint of picture of what I saw throughout the day – which included a lot of good teaching.  Along the way I added some commentary based on my own experiences as a middle school teacher using technology.  I’ve never been a full-time high school teacher or part of a 1:1 school, so none of my thoughts were a critique of the teachers or the school.  In particular, I pointed out that I thought Google Apps would be a nice addition to a 1:1 school.  After 2 years of using Google Apps for Education at my own school, it’s become such a major component in many of my lessons it’s hard to imagine exchanging and collaborating without it.  My apologies to any readers who felt my thoughts were delivered in a high brow fashion.

To keep things light, I’ve added a funny faux pas clip from the show Modern Family (it’s only 20 seconds long). Click through to see it.


One thought on “A faux pas?

  1. Hi Mike,
    I reread your post on being at the 1:1 school. I really thought it came across as more of a documentation of what you saw, not necessarily knowing everything. Google is something you know and certainly could be utilized there.

    Don’t worry! Love Modern Family.

    P.S. I also worked there for four years.

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