Two helpful sites

Over the last few days I’ve shown several people two sites that I find very helpful: Kwout and KickYouTube.

Kwout is a site I’ve written about before that deserves another mention.  It allows you to take a snapshot of any part of a website and embed that snapshot (with all links hot) onto your own site.  I use it all the time on my classroom blog to direct students to a specific site.  You can also use it to:

– Highlight a specific part of a website (such as a ‘Click Here’ button)

– Cut out distracting advertisements
– Focus on a specific spot to avoid mis-clicks

KickYouTube is the easiest way (in my opinion) to download YouTube videos, because it only involves typing the word “kick”. My wife is a teacher and her school had some internet issues, but she needed to show a clip from YouTube for her world history class. Since their internet was spotty, here is what I told her to do.

1. Find the youtube video you want –

2. Right before the “you” in youtube, type “kick” and hit enter –

3. This reloads to a slightly different looking page where you can download the youtube video (press the green GO button at the top right of the page)


2 thoughts on “Two helpful sites

  1. We used Kick You Tube just today to get clips for a video project that students are working on. It is SO handy and easy to use!

  2. Thanks for the kwout tip . I’ve just bookmarked it to share with my grade 6 diigo group. It will come in handy in our current project.

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