Back online – reminder to backup

If you tried to visit this blog directly today you probably got a message about being unable to connect to the database. My web hosting company made some changes recently and this blog and several others I’ve got for student projects and other things got disconnected. Luckily, most everything is back in working order though my website and several linked pages have reverted back to the way they looked two months ago.

For anyone who runs a hosted wordpress blog (not through I recommend backing up your database at regular intervals. I hadn’t done so in a long time and, for a little while today, thought I’d lost about a year’s worth of posts. Luckily, that wasn’t the case and everything is fully backed up now. It was a good reminder, even in the era a cloud based information, to backup in several places.


2 thoughts on “Back online – reminder to backup

  1. Good reminder, I am definitely due for a backup on my blog!

  2. Good caution. Now that I think about how much online content I have out there, you’ve got me wondering what I would do if it all went away. Thanks for the cautionary tale.

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