Two birds, one stone

Note: I normally write about the things I do with the 6-8th graders at my school, but this post is an extension of a 1 credit class I teach to undergraduates. You can follow some of the things we’re doing in class at

Dear Tech 42s,

Over the past month we’ve covered a variety of resources and the purpose of today’s class was to provide a little review while modeling a way to incorporate technology in a room that isn’t full of computers. Keeping with the theme of student centered learning, I had you create the content for today’s class by reviewing some of the tools that stuck out to you in class.

Amanda, Wendy, Robert on Google Docs
Colin, Kate, Ivona on Yola
Gregory on

Though the voicethread didn’t work out as planned, your movies and podcasts (phoned in via gave me a good idea of what is sticking and what isn’t. It also became clear that one-hour just isn’t enough to learn, practice, and implement the tools we’ve learned about. I realized that I’ve raced through some things in class without much explanation. While everybody is pretty psyched about google docs and, there are a few things that haven’t really caught on. One of the main things that hasn’t caught on is delicious. I started a list of sites that we’ve covered in class here (though it needs some updating) and listed some potential tags you could use to identify these sites. Below is a slide tutorial, that I’ll also add to the class wiki, showing how to start, use, and embed delicious bookmarks. I hadn’t planned on making delicious a required assignment, but I think it’s important enough to include at this point. See your assignment (previously unscheduled) below the slide show.

Assignment: Create a delicious account (if you haven’t already). Add 2 or more bookmarks to it and email me the link to your delicious account. Use some of the sites from the Delicious page on the wiki or find something new in your Google Reader. You should have subscribed to the bundle I made for you during class (if not see Class 6 on the wiki). I only included 5 blogs on it, but it should have a ton of great resources for you to peruse.

Extra Credit: Leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think. I’d also like to hear more about what else you’d like to learn about in class or what is challenging you.


5 thoughts on “Two birds, one stone

  1. Is there a way to only let certain tags be shown on the tag roll for Delicious?

    • I’m not aware of a way to extract certain tags from your tag list, though you can limit the number of tags that will be shown in your tag cloud if you embed one. If you don’t want a site to show up to the public, click the “Mark as Private” box when you tag the site. Anything you mark as private won’t show up in your list (except when you are logged in as you). The other alternative is to have a separate delicious account for education related things and one for personal use. You could also look into using another online bookmarking service like for non-academic uses.

  2. All these online tools and websites are interesting and useful, delicious seems to be what I’m looking for in case I forget the name of a website that I might need.

  3. What I am struggling with is the constant linkage, “click here for this assignment,” “look back at this page for examples of this and then go find your own.” All of which are important, but not as organized as I need them to be for myself to be organized.

    Otherwise, I really like some of the sites we have been exploring. I can see myself using them. One thing that I am bad at and would like to learn is something like iMovie… but not just for macs because I don’t have one.


  4. I think the exercise we did last week about providing students with activities with only a few computers will serve very useful. I remember resenting the students who got to use the computer in gradeschool when I was stuck at my own desk with only a pencil and paper. Furthermore, although we do not have near enough time to complete a comprehensive review in class, I think that a simple numbered list of all the features we’ve discussed would be very helpful for organizational purposes.

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