Focusing on one thing

I had a pretty full week last week, so I’m a little behind on some blog posts (and everything else).  My week ended with a presentation to a group fellow teachers on Saturday.  I partnered with Barb, an outstanding and innovative 3rd grade teacher, for a presentation on wikis.  Instead of giving the ins and outs of everything wiki related we decided to put an emphasis on embedding.  While there are a million uses for wikis and they are a great collaborative space, it’s difficult to add lots of content to a wiki, blog, or website if you don’t know how to embed.  This seems like a simple enough task, but something a lot of educators don’t know about.

Most of the teachers in our audience were experienced teachers, inexperienced with technology.  During the presentation we started a new wiki on PBworks and then had the attendees add all the content to it.  While we didn’t get to all the items on our agenda, most everyone had a good grasp the basics of embedding and manipulating content on their pages by the time we finished.  You can see the wiki by clicking here.


There were a couple other interesting points of information that came out of the presentation.  We gave a survey at the beginning and I was pleased to find that most teachers had access to labs or rolling carts on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many schools did not have wireless.  Also, most of the teachers reported that sites like YouTube weren’t blocked.  One of the first things we had teachers do was embed a movie, so it was good to see that they’d be able to use Youtube videos when they make there own wikis.   We’ll be meeting with the attendees again in a month and everyone is supposed to share how they’ve used a wiki in their classroom.  I’m looking forward to see what people do.


3 thoughts on “Focusing on one thing

  1. I’m sure that teaching the staff how to embed opened up whole new worlds to them! The options are endless when you learn to embed 🙂

  2. I am a big fan of pbworks! I like the way you chose to focus on a specific thing in the wiki workshop rather than trying to cover everything!

  3. Taking them through something step-by-step that they can use right away is a great strategy. It’s less intimidating as well. We all start small!

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