Student made movies in one period – Part II

In my last post on student made movies I discussed x-tranormal.  The application itself (web or software based) is very easy to use, but getting students up and running on it can present some challenges (accounts, # of computers, downloads, etc.).  If you’d like to make student movies, but need something a little simpler, the answer is just a digital camera away.

Armed with any basic digital camera and a $5 card reader, you can produce student movies and post them securely to the Internet in a single period or less. This method bypasses all editing, but is the quickest and easiest way to get a student movie online.  It’s easy to forget that a digital camera does a lot more than take pictures.  Here’s how to get the most out of it (apologies if my steps are too elementary):

1. Switch your digital camera to movie mode.

2. Have students act out, present, or demonstrate the concept.  Try and keep the movie to a minute or less, otherwise film in increments.

3. Take the card out of your camera, put it in the card-reader, and plug it into your computer.  The card reader allows you to select a single item instead of downloading the entire contents of the card onto your computer.

4. Upload movie to YouTube if you aren’t as concerned about privacy or upload to (more on this in a future post) and set a password if you want to keep it private.  You can also make YouTube videos private, but it becomes more difficult to share with others who don’t have accounts.

One of the advantages of uploading to YouTube is that it gives you some basic titling capabilities.  If you want to add captions or a note to a video, it’s a relatively simple process.  The video below was shot, uploaded, and titled in about 15 minutes.

If you’ve got an iPhone or other smartphone that syncs to YouTube, you can do all this with just your phone.


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