A robust site

After Google Docs, the second most used site by my students is thatquiz.org.  I’ve written about it many times before, but the brilliance of it was sealed by some interaction I had with Andrew – who maintains (built?) the site.

That Quiz is a site with pre-made quizzes for math, foreign languages, geography, and science.  You can use it without an account or create a free one to set up your own class and make your own quizzes.  Once you set up classes, you’re given a unique url for that class.  You can assign passwords for your students to login (from the unique url) to take quizzes.  The grading is done automatically and it’s easy to get feedback on frequently missed problems or reassign tests if necessary.

A couple weeks ago, my geography class was practicing for a refresher test on the 50 states.  Unfortunately, the test kept erroring in one particular area.  I shot an email to the site administrator and got a reply back from Andrew within hours.  He asked a few more questions about the problem and had it fixed within 24 hours of my initial email.  I’ve toyed with a few other quiz makers that are a little flashier, but none of them compare to the ease, stability, and usefulness of that quiz.  My homeroom uses it daily for morning math workouts and I use it regularly for simple assessments throughout our units of study.  I’ve been using it about three years now and this is the first problem I’ve ever had – and it got fixed right away.

If you haven’t checked out that quiz before, give it a try.  It will certainly help your students and make your life a little easier.


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