Wolfram Alpha screencast worth watching

I’ve come across several blog posts in the last few days about “Homework Day” on Wolfram-Alpha.  One of the links on this page is a really cool screencast about all things Wolfram Alpha.  The first 3/4 of the screencast focuses mostly on the math and number wizardry of Wolfram-Alpha.  If you stay around for the end, it shows some other cool things I had no idea about.  Check it out and jump ahead to the end if you aren’t into all the math stuff.

One of the things I learned about was the ability of W-A to deliver nutritional information.  This fits in perfectly to a mini unit we just started in my life science class about nutrition.  I’m definitely going to have students look up the nutritional facts about things they eat to get a better determination of their calorie intake (and the amount of sugar and fat in their diets).  While they could have searched for the labels to all the foods they’d been eating to find this, it makes it a bit more streamlined.  Below is a small screen shot for my search on a Big Mac, fries, and a coke.



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