Long Layoff

It’s been a while since I’ve written – suffice to say it’s been a very busy few weeks. We’ve been doing some fun projects at school and have some more on the horizon – including the newest installment of the Green Monkey. I’m tentatively calling it “The Green Monkey Corps” because it will be a combined effort from several grades.  I haven’t ironed out the details yet, but it will involve a recycling project and, possibly, a net-zero energy  doghouse.

As for new technology things, today I happened upon a neat feature  in an application I’ve been using for a while.  StudyStack.com is a great site for making online reviews.  Yesterday, some students made a review game for the class and I was going over the material before posting it to my classroom blog today.  As I looked over it, I saw a tab labeled “slides”.  What I found was very cool.

To use the slides feature in study stacks, you just import a picture or pictures, then write some labels.  You can then put the labels on the pictures to correspond to certain points (like the parts of the digestive system).  Once you save everything, users of the game shoot the target of the picture that matches the label.  Here is an example from our review for tomorrow’s test.


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