Back in session

School has been back in session for three days now.  It’s really been a relief to have the students back after a week of meetings.  My new crew of 6th graders are very excited about the year and the 7th/8th graders have been doing an oustanding job.  I’ve had the current 8th grade students for 5 straight years (2 as their homeroom teacher) and can hardly believe they’re only a year shy of high school.   They’ve been riding shotgun on this technological journey of the past few years (Green Monkey pioneers, Web 2.0 experts), and I’ve got a few new things to try out with them this year.

Today I sent home my customized student use policy that EDU 586 helped develop.  You can access that and modify the policy at this page (scroll to the bottom) or view the google doc of it here.  I haven’t got the forms back yet, so that’s why the student pics have no faces.

1st Day (no faces) - I haven't got my release forms back yet.

1st Day (no faces) - I haven't got my release forms back yet.

This evening, between gathering supplies for tomorrow’s labs, I’ve been busy getting Postini services installed on our Google Apps for Education services.  It was a little tricky at first, but I think I’ve gotten the ball rolling on it.  Right now, it’s busy rerouting some things on the internet so that the filtering can start (up to 48 hour wait).  I’m crossing my fingers that I did everything correctly.  If so, I’ll be able to dig into the Postini services and take it for a spin.    I’ll post about it when I get it going.


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