The next project

Now that summer school is over, I’ve been working on the next class I’m teaching, which starts Monday. It’s a graduate course in educational technology and this is my first year teaching it. Over the past several months I’ve been developing the syllabus and planning each class for the three week course. The main focus of the course is not to show the teachers a bunch of cool apps, but to help them develop a methodology for working with technology that is adaptable to the ever changing tools and students we encounter.

This class is a 3 hour course that meets five days a week, so I’ve tried to make it as practical and accessible as possible. To do this, I’m administering all the course content through a wiki instead of the proprietary software used by the university. The students will be building much of the wiki themselves as they work through the class and my hope is that they’ll be comfortable enough with it to start their own during the year. For other wikis my students and I have made (wiimote wiki and resource wiki) we used wikispaces. Free wikis (without advertising) on wikispaces are only available for K-12, so I decided to check out PB Works (formerly PB Wiki). To say the least I’ve been very impressed with it. PB Works is very user friendly and powerful at the same time. There are a few features (page privacy and more robust user management) that I’m tempted to pay for, but not for the course I’m teaching now.

The wiki is a constant work in progress and I’ll be updating a lot over the weekend, but I’d love to hear any feedback from readers. You can check it out at Feel free to look at the survey, but please refrain from filling it out or I’ll have to delete your entry because it affects one of the projects.

Since I’m planning for three hours a day, I’ve broken each class into two parts. So far I’ve gotten the first week of classes on the wiki completed and will finish the rest soon. The second week of class, the teachers/students will be teaching mini lessons and constructing the wiki pages for those classes. During the final week, we’ll be looking at some administrative issues involving technology. I’ll probably post those pages sometime next week. Even though I have all the classes planned, building all the elements of the wiki has taken some time.  Please share your feedback.


One thought on “The next project

  1. I took a quick look at your wiki page and was very impressed. It looks like you will be utlizing those three weeks to the fullest. Good luck! I check in at your blog and now and again and I’ll probably take a look again to see how everything goes!

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