Prepping for the wind-turbine

Ever since I read a watered down version of Don Quixote in my high school Spanish class, I’ve had a bit of a fascination with windmills. Should I ever win the lottery, I’d like to fund a factory that builds wind turbines :-).  For now though, I’ll have to settle on projects with my students.  In a few days we’ll be putting our measurement, construction, and problem solving skills to work on a small scale wind turbine.  One of the things we’ll be testing is how much power our little wind catcher can produce.  Today I purchased the supplies at Radio Shack (see pictures) and plan on adapting the plans from this website.



One thought on “Prepping for the wind-turbine

  1. Hi MrMan,

    Looks like a great project- now I want to build a wind-turbine too!

    I’m wondering, do you have an RSS feed for your blog? I tried subbing with bloglines, but it didn’t work… so I signed up for the email, but RSS is better : )

    Warm Regards,

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