Strive to be boring

I recently purchased a shirt with the quote in the title of this post at the Super Hero Supply Store in Brooklyn, NY.  The S.H.S. store sells a number of items including capes, masks, invisibility powder, and other super hero necessities.  In actuality though, the store is just a front for an after school tutoring and writing center.  All proceeds from the “super-hero supplies” fund the tutoring and writing program at the store.  strivetobeboringThe tutoring center is located behind a secret door in the store (this is one of several centers like this in cities around the country).    As a teacher and fan of all things super-hero/comic-book, the whole concept was absolutely amazing to me and the store employees made it quite an experience.  Before I could purchase my shirt (and super-hero goggles), I had to recite the “super-hero oath” to ensure that I would use my purchases for good and the pursuit of  justice.  Though I chose not to purchase a cape, I did see another person testing one out the in cape testing center.  Fortunately, I did not have to be placed in the villain verification cage.

The whole experience got me thinking about what I can do to make school a more interesting place for students.  Not that I want to turn my room into the Batcave, but I’d like to offer something that makes students really excited for school in the morning.  This has been weighing on me recently because our summer session begins next week.  This year, as in years past, I’ll have a couple groups of advanced students from grades 4-8 in math.   In the past, we’ve done everything from selling lemonade to making wiiboards to launching rockets, but that wasn’t enough to draw some of the top math students from the incoming 8th grade.  Granted, summer school for a 13/14 year old is a tough draw when competing with sports camps, X-Box, and sleeping in, but are a couple hours each morning so much to ask?  I peppered them frequently with promises of a fun project, but the pull of summer days without school proved too much.  Next year, I’ll have to start the campaign a little earlier and make summer school a can’t miss event.  It’s a lofty goal, but a good reminder to continue to keep things fresh in the year to come – to strive to be relevant, to strive to be exciting, to strive to be anything, but boring.


3 thoughts on “Strive to be boring

  1. What a good teacher. Great post. Your kids are lucky to have you.

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