Publishing a document to your blog

Publishing a document is super easy with Google Docs. There is no need to upload pdf or word files anymore because you can link directly to the text with google docs. It’s as simple as going to the “Share” button within a document and selecting “Publish as webpage.” From there select the box to automatically update whenever you make changes, copy the link it gives you, paste it onto your blog or webpage and presto – you’ve got an online document.

I use this for the notes in my class. At the beginning of each unit I start a new notes document, publish it, and put a link to the notes on my website.  Even though I often forget to update my homework page, the notes are automatically updated with whatever we covered in class that day.  If students miss a class, I can have them get on a computer and see what they missed.  It also lets me refer back to things we’ve covered in previous classes.  To keep kids honest, I check their notebooks every few weeks.  Here is a brief screencast showing how to do it.  (Make sure you have your speakers on).


One thought on “Publishing a document to your blog

  1. Mike,
    We are having a problem with embedding a form into a edublog. More specifically, Nichole can not paste it into her classroom edublog. I gave her a workaround that I found on embedding the form into a wiki. I may not be specific enough to see your help on this. Are there any secrets?
    Thanks for any help you could send this way!

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