Presenting at NETA on Friday

If you happen to be attending the Nebraska Educational Technology Association conference in Omaha this week, I’ll be presenting with some of my students on Friday. The title of our presentation is “21st Century Classrooms on a Budget.” It will be from 1:30-2:15 on Friday, April 24.

The students have been hard at work refining their parts of the presentation. We’re trying to present as if it were a typical class period in my room. Class will begin with a short teacher led activity and then students will branch off to work on certain projects. Each of the students will present a couple of projects that they worked on during the “period” and also highlight a project they’ve done in another area this year. Along the way, I’ll be discussing some of the strategies I use to work around limited availability of computers and/or having no money for hardware/software. If you’re looking for ideas to inexpensively incorporate technology into your teaching, you will hopefully find this presentation beneficial.


One thought on “Presenting at NETA on Friday

  1. I’m trying and trying to get this wii board up and running but there seems to be a hurdle around each and every corner. I talked with you at NETA (maybe even annoyed you) with my endless questions about this board. I now have bluetooth on my computer, I have the wiimote, I have the pen, I even bought a Bamboo (I think you called it a slate). The software I have been trying (johnnylees and smoothboard) aren’t recognizing the remote. I’m searching for the one you recommended but can’t seem to find it…..HELP!!!

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