Google Docs standard vs. Google Docs Education

This is the first in a series of posts on Google Docs Education Edition (GDEE) that I will write over the course of the next week. During this time I will highlight some of the features of GDEE, how it has been implemented at my school, and offer some tips and lesson ideas that incorporate Google Docs.

One of the first things I want to cover is the difference between Google Docs standard edition and Google Docs Education Edition. Teachers I’ve spoken to are eager to use Google Docs in the classroom, but always ask, “Don’t my students need email?” The answer is NO – if your school signs up for GDEE. To sign up for a regular google docs account you do need an email address. With GDEE you can bulk upload as many users as you choose and have complete control over the all the accounts. To do this however, you must install it on your school’s domain. This is a relatively simple process. Check out the screencast below to see a more detailed description.


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