Who has time for all this?

So you know – I’m on spring break right now.

I’m coming up on a year for this blog, but the question in the title has been bugging me since I first started. Maintaining a blog and following many others is fun, but takes some time and energy. For me, the time and energy is usually well spent. I post sporadically, but writing about what goes on in my classroom and reading about others is somewhat cathartic. It often seemed like I was on a deserted island during my first years of teaching. I had only an inclining of what others were doing or how they were teaching. Blogging helped get me off the island. Still, just getting through my reader feeds each night takes time.

I am astounded that some edubloggers post 4-5 times daily, Twitter like mad, explore new resources, and still manage to teach all day. Where are they getting all this extra time? To this point, I’ve avoided Twitter because I don’t want to lose any more time in my day. My one plan period each day is consumed with getting materials ready for the next lab or lesson. Some days, I don’t even get a chance to check email (not good when the assembly got moved from 2:15 to 2:00). Am I that unorganized? Are these super-bloggers hyper intelligent beings with rss feeds piped into their brains?

While I’d love to expand my network, I’ve made a conscious decision to keep things simple. There are only so many hours in a day and reading a story to my daughter will always win out over finding some new tip or posting about a new technique. I’ve been off the island long enough to know that many others feel the same way.


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