Study Stacks with Kwout

I recently wrapped up a unit on the brain with my 7th grade life science students. As with almost all my units, I held a one day review session before the test with a slew of activities on my blog and in the classroom. Most of the things on the blog were student created, but I added one thing on my own to make sure that all bases were covered.

I created a “stack” on Study Stacks with terms and review information. My students could then navigate to the stack url and choose from a variety of review games (an arcade style bug game was their favorite). The only drawback is the advertising, though it’s easily ignored once you start playing. To keep it a little more focused, I used kwout to take a snapshot of the Study Stack page without the advertising. I made it big enough for the students to choose their game directly from my blog. It still goes to the study stack page after clicking, but makes the process a little more efficient and avoids a lot of “I can’t find this” questions. Here is what I used.


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