No iBoard needed for the Quadratic Formula

Below I’ve posted two screencasts that demonstrate why you don’t really need an iboard and accompanying software to accomplish a task that can benefit your students. The screencasts are both about using the quadratic formula and could be viewed by students to assist them outside of class.

The first screencast was created by a teacher using a Smartboard. She demonstrates the quadratic formula and carefully goes through each step in solving it. She uses the Smart Notebook and records her screen with the Smart software. The second screencast is one I made on the same subject. Though my explanation isn’t quite as nice as hers (it was only a review), the demonstration is pretty much the same.

There is nothing wrong with an iboard (after all, her explanation is probably better than mine), I just don’t think it’s necessary to accomplish the task. I used only my laptop’s mic,, and KindleLab to write everything. I used the touchpad on my laptop, which is a bit slow, but I would have used my drawing tablet if I’d been at school. Either way, no “interactive” whiteboard or software was necessary.


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