Another site bites the dust

I found out today that no longer works. Going to the site takes you to a new blog explaining that the site has been taken off line. They don’t go into great detail, but I assume it had something to do with legal concerns. Mixwit was great because students could make mixes without signing up for an account. In my geography class, I would have students make mixes by artists from a specific region.

To replace Mixwit, I’ll probably use Grooveshark or MixTurtle. I messed around with both of them today and thought both worked pretty well. Both sites have fairly prominent advertising and require you to create an account to make playlists. You can listen to individual songs without registering, but playlists are much more useful. I liked Mixwit because it didn’t have advertising or require registration.

It stinks when useful, free sites go down (Sketchcast comes to mind), but often times other sites fill the void. They often have advertising or other cons, but it’s hard for something so useful to be free forever.


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