Techno-Coolness #2

1. Create-A-Graph – While you can make a graph fairly easily on various spreadsheet programs, create-a-graph is even easier. GraphI had my students research the decibel levels of various sounds and then graph the results using this app from Once they are done, there is an option on the page to email it or print it. This is an example of what you’ll see in the email. If you click on the link in the email you’ll get directed back to the original graph which you can then edit.

2. Timetoast – There are a ton of timeline creators out there, but I had my student teacher last semester test several of them and he chose this one for the students to use. They each signed up for their own account because multiple log-ins to one account leads to people getting their timelines deleted :-(. At the end of the semester, I had them write out a list of different things we covered during the 1st half of the year. The next day (in shifts), I had them create a shortened timeline of the last 3 units of the semester. Do to time constraints, I told them not to put in any pictures, though that option is available (see my sample with pictures here).

Student Sample:

3. ProProfs Quizzes – I wrote about ProProfs flashcards in my last Techno-Coolness post, but this time it’s about the quiz feature they offer. While working on our Green Monkey recycling site, each student had to create a quiz on ProProfs. They all logged in to my account and created their own quiz from there. Once they finished, they embedded the quiz onto their page on the Green Monkey site. See all the samples at

4. Synthasite – I’ve raved about it before, but it’s so easy I can’t leave it off this list. You can make a collaborative website with google docs education edition, but synthasite offers far more capabilities and is super easy. You can embed anything and there are lots of formatting options. To make a collaborative project: A. Start a site, B. add a page on the site for each user, C. have each student/group log on to your account and choose their page D. Have them go to town on it. This is exactly how we did the Green Monkey Homes project.

5. Statetris – This is a great way to review for geography. If we’re covering a continent or country that is on this site, I’ll give my geography students an opportunity to play in class or tell them to play at home. It’s a fun way to learn geography.


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