Synthasite makes creating webcontent even better

I’ve written about how much I like Synthasite before, but it’s gotten even better. It is a great place to create a website, even if you have no prior experience with website creation. Last month they added a blogging feature to their already robust web creation tools. You can also buy your own domain there too. The best part about all this is that it is free (except for the domain name).

Recently I’ve started a project with my class that utilizes synthasite. The past two years I’ve had my class create websites about recycling (GreenMonkeySchools and GreenMonkeyBusiness). The first year I used iWeb. This helped us make a nice looking site, but limited things to one computer and one group working on it at one time. Last year, I used nVu which allowed all the students to work at once, but it didn’t look as nice.

Because synthasite allows you to login to your account on multiple computers and modify the different pages on your site at the same time, we get the prettiness of iWeb and the usability of nVu. I recommend it to anyone.

Here is an example of a site I made with synthasite earlier this summer.


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