Cool Science Sites

I’ve been incorporating interactive science websites into my lessons a lot this year. Though I don’t have time to give a full review for each of them, here is a list of the ones that have been most helpful.

    Earth Science

Imagination Cubed – I’ve used this to have students create drawings of the layers of the earth, the rock cycle and the water cycle, then email them to me. Here is an student example.

Predict the Weather – Great game to practice predicting the weather. Student comprehension improved greatly after playing this game.

BBC Scotland:Environment Game – I had students play this game to review what is recyclable and what is not recyclable. Though some of the terms are unique to British English (crisper packet = chips packet), the kids did well on it.

    Life Science

Cells Alive – Outstanding resource to show all things about cells.

Punnett Squares – I had my students do this after they completed a presentation project on punnett squares and traits.

DNA and ethics – I’m using this currently as a jumping point for DNA and an ethics review.

    Physical Science

NASA bottle rocket simulator – This site is awesome. My students used it to test designs of rockets before they built them. It also helped them learn a lot about aerodynamics and Newton’s Laws.

Circuit simulator – This is pretty elementary, but still a great resource for practicing with electrical circuits.

Circuit simulator 2 – Another great circuit simulator that incorporates some more quizzes.

One more circuit simulator – This one incorporates voltage and ohm meters, resistors, and more. The only catch is that you can only play 5 minutes at a time unless you pay.


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