Replacing Sketchcast with Imagination Cubed

As a huge fan of, I have been very disappointed to see their site unavailable for the last couple months. Sketchcast could record, with voice, anything you could draw and provided an easily embeddable piece of code to view it. I used it regularly for my math and science classes last year and had more plans to use it this year.

I wasn’t sure how I could replace it until I remembered Imagination Cubed. This site records the drawings of users and then allows them to email it to anyone for easy viewing or editing. The best part is that it requires no registration and makes emailing the drawing a snap. Though you can’t add voiceovers to the drawings, it has a lot more drawing tools than sketchcast offered.

In class, I had students use it as an assessment after a lesson on the rock cycle. I gave the students a 5 minute tutorial on how to use the site and then rotated the students in 10 minute shifts on the computers (we’re not a 1 to 1 school) while I worked on another lesson with the non-computer groups.

Here is an example of what one of my students did (some spelling problems, but he got the right idea).


One thought on “Replacing Sketchcast with Imagination Cubed

  1. I loved sketchcast too. I wish someone would revive it. I’m so glad you posted this information about GE’s Imagination Cubed. Maybe, I’ll try to incorporate that into my site. Love to continue checking in on all the great things you do. Tell your students I liked their weather podcasts! Taleese

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