Nice tool for online flashcards

I used ProProfs in the classroom for the first time last week and was impressed with the results. ProProfs is a free web application (ad-supported) that allows users to create simple, or elegant, flash cards and then embed them on your own blog or webpage. Their site offers a number of other neat applications, including a quiz maker, but I think the flash card maker is the most valuable app.

Currently ProProfs does not support multiple users, so a group of people can’t work on one set of flashcards. This would be a nice feature, but I used a simple low tech workaround.

1. I reviewed the major themes covered in the culture unit for my geography class.
2. Students were asked to create five flash cards (question and answer) of things they thought would be on the test.
3. Once they had finished with the flash cards they brought them to me for review.
4. I chose the best questions out of each student’s group of questions and then had him type in the flash card on ProProfs.
5. If students had repeats or their questions needed work, they fixed it and resubmitted it to me.
5. While the other students waited their turn to type in their flashcard, I assigned them to a group and they asked the others in their group the questions.

Once the questions were typed into ProProfs, I reviewed them, added a few because we ran out of time and then posted them to my blog.

Several students in the class said they used the online review and the class had a solid average the test. I recommend giving it a try. It is very easy to use and allows you to customize and add pictures very easily.


One thought on “Nice tool for online flashcards

  1. Mr Mansour – Thank you for the mention. We are going to be further improving the user interface shortly. I have added your feedback of allowing multiple users to work together to our road map for review.


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