Why I nearly had a heart attack, and then I didn't.

In case you tried to visit this blog today between 1:00-3:00 (CDT) you might have gotten an error message telling you the page was missing or unavailable. I too, received this message right before some beginning of the year meetings and had only a few minutes to try and figure out the problem. As I walked to the meeting, laptop in hand, I had the sick feeling that I’d lost five months of material from this blog. I didn’t want to be rude to the presenters so I fired off a couple quick emails to anyone who could help and closed the lid while a feeling of anguish swept over me.

While I sat there, however, I was comforted by a singular thought. Things could be lot worse than losing all your blog posts. It wasn’t as if someone had died. Dinner would be on the table tonight, my wife and daughter would be at home to greet me, and the Olympics are on TV.

By the time I returned to my room, I had resolved to not get too upset by it. I was still a little sad, but the gloom quickly turned to elation when I received an email from my hosting provider that everything was now in order. I had simply messed up the file paths when I was fixing my website this morning. It was a nice reminder however, that there are a lot of things more important than a blog.

It’s also not a bad idea to back it up.


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