How have you used technology in the classroom?

Fill out the survey below and then leave a comment telling how you’ve used educational technology in the classroom this year.


10 thoughts on “How have you used technology in the classroom?

  1. I hope to be able to check out the projector as much as possible. I love including YouTube or fun powerpoints with crazy pictures. I would be interested in creating a webpage, but would my students actually use it?

  2. I plan on making a webiste for my class. The aim of it will be to post homework assignments and keep parents up to date on what it happening in class.

  3. I think it would be very beneficial to have a blog or some place for students to interact with each other outside of the classroom.

  4. Although I think it would be benefical to have a website for my class, as of right now I don’t feel totally comofortable making one and being able to update it with important information. I think it would be great for my students to be able to go for it and access homework, important dates, etc.

  5. I have used technology in the classroom by using overhead projectors and the VCR to show content related videos.

  6. I will be teaching Spanish, and I do plan to incorporate technology into my lessons. For example, I believe technology can be used to show kids how to make different sounds used in foreign language, and for showing them songs and cartoons in Spanish to appeal to the multiple intelligences and to make learning fun. I probably will not make a website due to time, uncertainty of what to include on the website, and uncertainty that my students and their parents will actually use it.

  7. I believe that as a Spanish teacher, I have many opportunities to use technology in my classroom. In my classes in college, I have used various websites to study linguistics and sound pronunciation from other universities. In addition, there are some great videos to explain grammar and vocabulary games.

  8. Website: Host files of everything we use in class and additional resources; discussion board/blog; grades, hopefully


    Good videos/movies

  9. Hi
    I took the survey.
    I wanted to leave the third question blank, as it assumes that schools have separate computer labs (mine doesn’t). So I chose the “never” answer, although that it not quite appropriate, now that I think of it.
    Just fyi.

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