5 great uses for a projector or iwb

This is a short list of 5 great things to do if you have a projector or interactive whiteboard in your room. (From a response I wrote on CR 2.0)

1. Google Docs, Zoho, or Buzzword– Publish and share any notes you type in class with no tech knowledge required. Students just go to a link you put on your webpage, blog, or they can type in the url.

2. Mindmaps – Numerous applications allow you and your students to make these. You can use PowerPoint shapes or a web 2.0 app like bubbl.us. You can do the same thing on a whiteboard, but these are savable and publishable.

3. Maps – Google earth is awesome. I also use an app called Zeemaps, though there are many like it to highlight countries, write notes about them, etc.

4. Timelines – Let your students do the teaching by having them use an app like mnemograph to put in pictures for blurbs on a timeline – then publish it.

5. Tell a story in pictures – Grab a bunch of pictures from the web and put them in an app like voicethread or slideshare. Alternately, you could just keep the pictures open in individual tabs or put them in your photo library. Tell the story you need to tell with the pictures and have the students draw along with it. This works for 1st graders to high schoolers.


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