More on Google Docs

If you’ve read this blog, you know I’m a big fan of Google Docs. This past spring, while I was coordinating our school science fair it went from a helpful tool to an essential tool.

During the science fair, my students completed experiments and did a lab writeup of their work. They typed up the steps they followed, along with their background research on the doc editor. After they completed this, they created Presentation slides highlighting the problem, hypothesis, experiment, analysis, and conclusions. They also made graphs using the Spreadsheet program.

The best part about all this was the ability to quickly and easily share their work with me. Once they’d written up everything, they shared it with me and I approved it or noted the things they needed to fix. Once I’d approved the material, students could send it to the printer and then put it on their board. While most of the class worked on constructing their boards, several students would be at the computers fixing their presentations. It would have been very difficult to manage all of the students’ projects without the ease and fluidity of google docs.

Another cool feature that was added to google docs a month or two ago is the ability to embed forms. This was possible with some basic coding before, but now it’s all done for you. Here is the form from my earlier post on google docs.


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