Geography fun with Zeemaps

I love teaching geography and like to get my students to imagine what it would be like if they traveled to or lived in the places we study. One of the project I did earlier in the year, was have the students make a Europe travel journal. They had to research various destinations they’d like to see in Europe, find the cheapest flights, and then write a short journal entry about the places they visited and what they did there. It worked out pretty well, but would have been even better had I used ZeeMaps earlier in the year.

Zeemaps is a simple tool that allows users (no log in necessary) to pinpoint places on a map, load a picture, and write a description about that destination. That is just the start. I’ve used it in class to teach about colonialism in Africa. The students looked up the languages spoken in different African countries and on ZeeMaps we outlined all the countries that spoke English in blue, French in Red, Arabic in orange, and so forth. Once we had done all the outlining, it was easy for students to see the colonial spheres of influence. They could have just looked at a map in their book of this or they could have done it on paper, but the ZeeMap made it more engaging and proved much quicker.

In the waning days of the school year, I took the students to the computer lab and had them put pinpoints and pictures for all the countries on which they’d done an individual journal entry, brochure, or report. Below is a student sample of one map.


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