A lot of uses for Voicethread

Voicethread has been all the rage the last few months in educational tech blogs I’ve been reading. I finally used it for class a couple weeks ago and feel like I’ve just scratched the surface. For starters it’s very easy to use. The one I’ve embedded below took me about 10 minutes. I made it on the fly after I scrapped my original plans to review for the end of the year final with my 8th graders. It’s nothing spectacular, all I did was grab a picture off the web and highlight a few things as I voiced over them. After that, I just copied the embed code and put it on my classroom blog. I divided the students into two groups – one group watched the voicethread and a sketchcast covering another topic (any notes they took could be used on the final) and the other group met with me to review different topics. Instead of having to cover a large volume of material with the whole group, the voicethread allowed me to be in two places at once. The students got “individualized” review on the voicethread and a teacher led small group review with me.

Another great use is to show off student work. I made one of some of the science fair award winners that’s posted on the JMSO blog.


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