Best Uses for Teacher Webpages

There are so many easy ways to make a webpage now (see Teacher Webpage Creation Solutions), that teachers should not limit themselves to a list of educational sites and brief blurb about themselves on their webpage. For any new teachers just starting a webpage or veterans looking to expand their classroom. I recommend the including these items – or links to them – on your webpage.

1. Homework page – with the daily homework assignments; within this page you can also post links to online quizzes ( or notes you gave out in class (google docs)
2. Current Studies/News – do it monthly or update it weekly with blog posts or copying and pasting your lesson plans; save some paper by emailing it to your parents if possible
3. Student work highlights – if your students have parental permission to have content online
4. Links to great educational websites – See five of my favorites in the right sidebar of this page

Here is a link to my homepage as an example. I used iWeb to create the homepage, nVu for most of the auxillary pages, eduBlogs for my classroom blog, and wordpress for this blog.


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