Teacher Webpage Creation Solutions

It’s great to have a your own webpage as a teacher. You can communicate quickly and efficiently with parents, post reviews from class, and highlight student work. Here are some simple apps that make creating a webpage super simple.

1. Edublogs – Edublogs allows teachers to create a simple blog site for free. No coding knowledge is required, just click “write” and you’re ready to go. You can give it a specific name (mine is mrmansour.edublogs.org) and select a theme to change the look and feel of it. You can upload pictures, videos, and other files at any time. If you find a snippet of code from something like sketchcast or teacher tube, you can paste it directly into the “write” box of your blog post and it will show up in your blog.

Estimated Time to Create = 10 minutes

2. Google Page Creator – This is a great site for creating webpages. It is also free and requires no coding knowledge (though you can view it if you wish). I haven’t used it for education purposes, but I’ve seen several pages created by teachers. You can link to pictures or documents in your google docs or picasa accounts. I’m not sure if you can add code snippets from around the web, but you may be able to.

Estimated Time to Create = 5 minutes for a basic page or as long as you need for more

3. iWeb – If you’re in a mac-centric school, you’ve probably heard of it. It takes the guesswork out of webpages. With the templates and drag/drop abilities you can make your page look very professional. This is a site I designed with my students for a project. If you’ve got a mac that’s less than 3 years old, you’ve got iWeb. The newest version allows you to put in code snippets from around the web. This can be accomplished other ways, but requires code knowledge.

Estimated Time to Create = 20 minutes (only because you’ll want to do more once you get started)

4. nVu/Kompozer – A slightly more complex, but easy to use html editor. You can actually import pages that you like on the web, change the information on it, and save it as your own webpage. It’s a WYSIWIG editor and works just like a word processor. Not as simple as Google Pages or iWeb, but if you know some basic code or want to teach yourself (or students), this gives you lots of freedom. The other cool part is that you can publish whatever you make with one click (once you’ve set it up to connect with your server). I use it to update my homework page and create quick and simple pages for other things I want to add to my site. I just type in any updates and click publish. You can have it typed in published in under a minute.

Estimated Time to Create = As little as 5 minutes for a basic page

5. Microsoft Word/Powerpoint = Word and PowerPoint both have great “Save As webpage” features built in. Just create something in Word or PowerPoint and save it as a webpage. This is great if you’ve created a PowerPoint and want to publish it easily. My class created a game on PowerPoint and we then saved it as a webpage to put on our green monkey site.

Estimated Time to Create = However long it takes you to create the Word or PowerPoint document

6. Pageflakes Education – I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like a possible alternative that requires no coding background. Choose the widgets you want and you’re good to go.

Estimated Time to Create = Not Sure


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